A Perfect Storm for Chez Mario to Reign Supreme

Due to the busier lifestyle of today, consumers are increasingly looking for high-value restaurants in exchange for the QSR models that are popping up so quickly all over the world.

With so many choices facing families throughout the week, many are now choosing an option of slight elegance and strong atmosphere to share a meal with friends and family. Rather than waiting in line and rushing through the opportunity to engage with their friends, people are now searching to connect in a culture of fun and friendship.

What makes Chez Mario an ideal option?

In addition to their great taste and adaptability, the pizzas and pasta are created from the freshest ingredients that remove themselves from the common preservatives that are so often found in restaurants.

With the abundance of distractions smart phones, iPads and constant demands for attention, Chez Mario presents atmosphere that allows people to connect in ways that they used in the past. The design of the stores is created to engender patience and relaxation, or stories can be shared and created over a fine meal.

What other goals can Chez Mario achieve?

Aside from top shelf menu items and a happy atmosphere to build memories, Chez Mario has been known since 1958 for allowing people to leave a legacy. Regardless of where the store is in the world, patrons find a way to leave their mark as part of the legacy of their visit. These tens of thousands of signatures weave together the story that allows the world a single point of agreement … Their love for Chez Mario!

These three criteria … Fresh ingredient menu items, community culture, and legacy … Or what potential franchisees are drawn to when considering locations throughout the world. Fortunately, there is literally no place on this globe that would not benefit from all three.

We are constantly evaluating new owners and location opportunities for the next stores to open up under the Chez Mario banner. Opportunities are currently available in the UK, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia, India and in South America.

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