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Thank you for your interest in Chez Mario!

We are very pleased that you are considering our company as your next restaurant business opportunity!


Franchisees should possess a passion for the brand and desire bring customers the highest level experience. While restaurant background is not required, the ideal candidate should have an entrepreneurial spirit, as well as sales, marketing, restaurant and/or retail experience.

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Complete Franchise Request Form

In order to begin the process, you must first fill our franchise request form. Upon confidential review of your information and preliminary approval, you will be notified of our mutual interest. You will then be sent an application to complete online. You may want to review our frequently asked questions page.


Once your application is pre-approved you will also receive:


  • Chez Mario Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD):  The FDD contains valuable information to help you analyze our franchise system.
  • Franchise Agreement Request & Confidentiality Forms:  Your Chez Mario FDD receipt, franchise agreement request and confidentiality forms will be given to you along with the FDD. These documents will be submitted to Chez Mario for review.   

You can request an application using our online form:


Visit With Chez Mario Home Office

A Franchise Development Representative will schedule an interview with you from our Home Offices in Lausanne, Switzerland. During this visit, you will have an opportunity to review any outstanding questions from the franchise disclosure document, as well as discuss any other details concerning the franchise.



Chez Mario will evaluate your financial statements and background information. If necessary, we reserve the right for a second interview. Upon approval, a franchise agreement will be delivered to you.


Discovery Day

Once you're fully approved, you'll be invited to a discovery day in our flagship  restaurant in Lausanne, Switzerland.   During your time  with us you will be introduced to the full operation of Chez Mario, visit with acting managers as well as the ownership group, meet representatives of all of our partners who will be serving you, and tasting all elements of the menu.


Enter Franchise Agreement

After receiving the agreements and waiting seven calendar days, you will then send back the signed and notarized agreements along with the franchise fee of $25,000. At this point, you are now a Chez Mario franchisee and are ready to get your new business open!

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